The best professional sewing machine

What are the best professional sewing machines of 2017?

Many women dream one day to be able to make a little dress or a beautiful shirt to their children. But the majority of them are stuck because they do not have adequate equipment. The purchase of professional sewing machines can enable them to overcome this obstacle.

best sewing machines

Our comparison will be an important ally to help them choose the best sewing material on the market. For this, we can tell them the different criteria to consider to facilitate their choice.

Initially, they are advised to rely on a template that comes with a user manual so that it can easily master the basics. The security offered by the device should be high especially for novices in the field. The choice of a light and easy to move model is an asset to check before being tempted by a purchase. The start of the device should not be complicated as the actions to be performed to change the various accessories components the machine as the needle. Also Check : Brother XR3774 Review

Then, the choice of the person must favor a model offering different options such as the possibility of hems. The strength of the equipment must be emphasized so that it is a long-term investment. The noise proposed by the device when working should not be too deafening and it is preferable that it can take into account all types of tissues.

Finally, it is desirable to favor a machine with a fairly attractive design and perfect ergonomics. In other words, the machine must be less imposing, easy to move, and easy to handle. Although the model chosen is professional, it is preferable that even the amateurs can find there or learn some basic notions of sewing. This does not mean that we must opt ​​for a simplistic model, but rather a modern machine, easy to handle.

Of all the models that we have been able to compare, these 3 articles below can perfectly suit you.

Recommended products:

Carina H40A


This article can perfectly meet the expectations of an apprentice designer thanks to the different features he has. It is an ultra modern machine, but easy to use.

It is equipped with a control screen that can be adjusted according to the needs of its user. The data displayed by this table is both readable and clear. Throughout its action, this machine can be controlled. For this, its user will have the choice between 206 points.

Note that this device also has a speed that can be changed depending on the difficulty of the work to be done. The other particularity of this device lies in the fact that it is highly mechanized. This can be checked when threading the needle as well as the thread tension.

Another positive point of this device is its ability to intervene on different types of patterns such as letters or logos not to mention the drawings.

Pfaff 8461804


This professional sewing machine is an electronic model. Its peculiarity lies in its integrated double training, namely training on the underside and on the top of the fabric.

Design side, this device offers 55 cm on the length, 38 cm on the width and 30 cm on the height. She weighs about a dozen pounds.

Another advantage of this machine is the width of its working area which is 200 mm to the right of the needle which allows it to achieve 110 points of 7 mm wide maximum, automatic buttonholes, quilting stitches, decorative stitches, cross stitches …

It is also worth mentioning the presence on this device of 2 alphabets as well as 2 LED lights.

Finally, it is a device that can last in time since it has a durable hood designed with good materials.

Toyota SUPERJ26B


It is one of the most famous professional sewing machines on the market.

Its designers have made it to allow its users to easily make hems at the level of jeans using a special foot.

It should be noted that this article offers 26 sewing functions including stretch points and decorative fancy not to mention its ability to make buttonhole work in 4 steps.

Another feature of this device that deserves mention is its adjustable stitch length and fixed stitch width.

This item is only 5 kg and it has a power of 65 Watts for dimensions of 19.8 x 41 x 29.4 cm.

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